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Beautiful Beach Lots
For Sale in Yucatan…
Only $59,900

Become the owner of these amazing beach properties, packed with value for an amazing price!

It was not easy to find such nice looking beach properties, surrounded by blue ocean water with soft, white sandy beaches in the Gulf, especially with 20 feet elevation above the sea… At such an affordable price!

“These 20 meter (66 ft.) wide beach front lots will triple in value in a few years easily”

From: Gary J. Walding, CAMPECHE, MEXICO-

Beach Property For Sale in YucatanCurrently Only a few lots Remaining Available!

Our beach properties are selling quickly due to the combination of price and the exceptional colors and quality of the beach. In addition, I have new owners that are working closely with our architects with plans of building their beachfront paradise homes soon on their newly purchased lots.

Beach Lots in Yucatan For Sale

Turquoise Coast Beach Properties For
Sale: Features and Benefits

These are 20 meters (66 ft.) wide beachfront lots with mature coconut palms, an exceptional elevation of 20 ft. above the sea level for your building site, a long white sandy beach and warm turquoise blue water year round.


  • Pictorial Sunset Views
  • Minimal Waves and No Dangerous Currents or Undertows
  • Regimen Rules of Conduct and Building
  • Unique Warm Turquoise Blue Waters
  • Shallow Entrance into the Ocean for Swimming Access
  • Tide Variances of Less Than 10 Inches
  • Numerous Mature Coconut Palms
  • Exceptional 20 Feet Above Sea Building Site Elevation - Not Very Common!
  • Paved Road Access
  • Secure Titles - Property titles to these lots have 96 years of legally registered history with the recording office in the State of Campeche.

Warm, Blue, Cheap, Safe, Beautiful and
Deep Blue… This is Campeche, Mexico

What better adjectives can describe this beachfront paradise state in Mexico that holds a grand future other than to simply say… It’s Perfect!

The Only Coastal Colonial World Heritage Site in Mexico - located on the Gulf of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula - with all new infrastructure and renovations ready to successfully attract foreign investments.

Buy Real Estate in Yucatan In fact, Campeche has managed to preserve and maintain its colonial architectural charm so perfectly that it has called attention to various Hollywood filmmakers and has been used as a film site for several movies.

* Only an hour’s flight from Houston or Miami to the Yucatan Peninsula.

* A new world to explore with a variety of activities - Fishing, Golfing, Beach Walking, Shopping, Dining, even nearby Ruins, Waterfalls, Canyons, and Mountains to Explore!

* You will never become complacent in your future days in the sun.

* Nearby major tourist development of Campeche Playa will include a marina, golf course, shopping, hospital center and two major resort establishments.

I suggest you take advantage of these prices and buy beach properties now, before they increase with the opening of our second phase of beachfront lots. At their current price these are the best priced beachfront lots in the entire Yucatan peninsula.

Do give me an advance notice if you are interested in coming down to see the beach properties. My schedule is quickly filling with visiting clients. If you are strongly considering a lot purchase but cannot make it down, with a modest deposit I can hold one in reserve for your inspection, before they sell out.
Yucatan Real Estate

Answers to Some Frequently
Asked Questions

What Is The Purchasing Process?
Once you have confirmed your selection in lot (s) with the sales representative you would complete a buyers information form and be asked for a 10% deposit to take a lot off the market (paid by bank wire transfer). With the deposit, our legal staff will start the Mexican Corporation documents to prepare for closing. That takes less than two weeks, afterwards you would be asked to deposit (bank wire transfer) the balance at the signing in the Notario’s office.

For the day of the signing, you can option to return to Mexico or have the lawyer here sign on your behalf at the closing. (Most clients have the lawyer sign on their behalf.) Afterwards, all the documents: the newly formed Mexican Corporation and deeded title of the beachfront lot (s) would be sent to you by FedEx.

Buy Beach Lot in Yucatan Can I Hold A Lot Prior to Seeing It?
If you wish to reserve a particular lot until you arrive to see it, (depending how long you want to hold it) we would ask for a deposit beforehand that would be fully refundable if you decide not to close later.

Are There Direct Flights to The Properties? To visit our properties, it is best if you can fly into the Merida, Yucatan International Airport from there we can drive to the properties and spend some time exploring the Campeche area. There are direct flights from the U.S.A to Merida's international airport; from there we can drive to the Turquoise Coast property. There are regular National flights to Mérida from Mexico City or direct International flights from Miami with (Aeromexico) or Houston with (Continental).

Contact your local travel agency for more travel information. The major air carriers that connect to Merida are Mexicana (1-800-531-7921 or 1-800-531-7921), Aeromexico (1-800-AEROMEX) Continental Airlines (

What Are The Building Setbacks And Restrictions? The set back from the beach to build your home is 20 meter or (66 feet) from the high water mark. That is actually were your property line starts. On these lots you can build a large home with two levels.

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Home? Building cost can range from as low as $50 to as high as $80 per square foot of construction. At the higher end this would include marble and fine finishings.

Can You Refer Me to A Builder? Once you have selected your lot (s), we can refer you to a reliable local architect/builder that understands the quality you seek and can speaks English perfectly.

What Infrastructure Is There? The property is easily accessed by a paved highway (180) that comes directly from Campeche. Electricity has not yet reached the properties as of to date. The Campeche Government is currently placing electricity south of Turquoise Coast. However, if you wish to building immediately, like others in the area, you can cost effectively install solar panels that have become extremely reliable in the Caribbean. (Once electricity is to the property, expect prices to more than double.)

Water would come from a well that would be drilled for on the property. This is very common all throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, where ample fresh water can be tapped at approximately 5 to 10 meters deep. Drinking water is typically brought to the home.

Is There Crime In The Area? Although México has gained recently a bad reputation for crime, keep in mind that most all the reports come from Mexico City and the Northern frontier of Mexico that boarders the United States. Here in the Yucatan Peninsula we are more than 2,500 miles away and have the lowest crime rate of all of Mexico. You will feel quite safe walking the streets of Campeche.

Are There Hurricanes In The Area? What is nice about Campeche is that we are located on the other side of the Yucatan Peninsula and are positioned in a protective manner from the strong winds and hurricanes. Additionally, this particular area does not get any strong waves or undertow currents that would cause beachfront erosion.


“My Personal Experience Working with
International Holdings & Trust and
Gary Walding…”

Gary Mayfield - Oklahoma
"What I liked about Gary is that he's very laid back, not high pressure, said Mr. Mayfield. He presents you with the information and doesn't try to press you to make the decision immediately or anything... I felt like he dealt with me very honestly. The fact that he was an American helped my comfort level with the transaction."

Rene Derecque - France
"Gary personally took us over to see the beachfront lots, said Mr. Derecque. It was a very pleasant trip and we appreciated very much his easygoing way to deal with issues, his readiness to help, and his good advice."

Craig Sotkovsky - Georgia
"Gary, is very personable, said Craig, He's charismatic and he's sharp, and he's very knowledgeable about his properties. It's also nice to return to the Mexico each time and actually meet a friend."

Scott Korff - Florida
“I noticed right away when talking to Gary that he´s an actual buyer and developer in real estate with an astute business sense. Being a businessman myself, I appreciated the inside perspective he gave me in purchasing, and not just selling me a lot.”

Facts to Know

  • Mexico has been rapidly growing with expats (65 million baby boomers will retire in the next 10 years) and beachfront properties have been getting bought up over the past 12 years by people like you preparing now… for their future retirement.

  • In comparison, ask yourself what does beachfront in the USA or Canada sell for? How much are the annual property taxes? Now you’re seeing what I discovered in Campeche. This is truly the last frontier where you can still buy and own beachfront property for less than the cost of your SUV and conveniently know that your investment is solid.

  • Yucatan Beach Property For Sale
  • As a foreigner you can hold title to your beachfront property in Mexico. As a foreigner you can hold title to your beachfront property through the means of a Mexican Corporation where you have 100% control and ownership of your corporation. Mexico is a land of laws and there are real estate laws, just as in the United States and in Canada, protecting the rights of property owners whether they are foreign or domestic. Mexico has had a stable democratic form of government for the past 100 years, and has no plans of changing.

  • Crime in the Yucatan Peninsula (Campeche and Yucatan) is the lowest throughout Mexico and statistically is comparable to the States of Wyoming and Montana.

  • The water temperature of the Campeche Gulf is inviting year round because of the prevailing ocean current (called the Yucatan current) that pulls warm water from the equator and moves it north to the Gulf of Mexico, passing along the Yucatan Peninsula’s coast. When you personally test the water you will be quite pleased for Campeche´s waters stay warm during the winter months averaging 78°f (26°c).

  • Beachfront Property For Sale in Yucatan
  • You will discover the blue water is easily comparable to the Caribbean in front of your Turquoise Coast Beachfront lot. This particular area I have found to have exceptionally clear water and the riches shades of blue in the entire Yucatan Peninsula. Other areas throughout the Peninsula are murky in appearance and gather a lot of sea grass. However the conditions here are just right to allow the natural blues to pop on a sunny day.

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It has been a pleasure working closely with those who have bought so far and I look forward to personally meeting new seekers in the near future...

Realtor Yucatan Investing Do take action if you are serious about these properties only a few remain at this incredible price for a buildable beachfront lot with high quality sand and water. Either call me directly at Toll-Free (877) 640-4795 or write to me with your questions or concerns.

Do give me an advance notice if you are interested in coming down to see the properties. My schedule is quickly filling with clients for the following months.

See you soon!

Gary J Walding

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